2024 TikTok Shop multi-language php version laravel5 framework overseas cross-border e-commerce mall support multi-language plug-in import one-click store multi-merchant entry

2024 TikTok Shop multi-language php version laravel5 framework overseas cross-border e-commerce mall support multi-language plug-in import one-click store multi-merchant entry
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1. The commodity is an e-commerce platform system that supports self-operated and multi-merchants' entry, and unified management through the backend. This means you can operate your own store and other merchants' stores at the same time on one platform for easy management and monitoring.

2. The system provides flexible page management function, you can edit the page of each language in the background, including icon name, introduction and so on. In addition, the system supports adding new languages to meet the needs of users in different regions. In addition, the system supports website pop-up function, which can be used to display important information or promotional activities.

3. Merchants can be managed through an independent backend to realize one-click store and one-click collection function (built-in collection plug-in). The system supports international payment and international logistics, as well as a variety of payment methods, which facilitates merchants to conduct business on a global scale.

4. The system comes with a product library and supports virtual users. The background can manage stores, set up stores and other super-functions, providing a full range of store management tools.

5. The system adopts multi-level cache and full-text search technology, which improves the response speed and load capacity of the system. Through distributed pressure testing, the system is able to support high concurrency access, including home page access, product category access, product search and product details access and other major business scenarios.

6. The system has special features, such as mall advertisements, mall activities and points mall. These features can help merchants attract more users and increase sales.

7. The business modules of the mall are complex, including multi-merchant, B2B, order, logistics, refund after-sale, payment, finance, integral mall, commodities, attributes, mall activities, shopping carts, multi-store billing, membership system, distribution system, and messaging system, etc. These modules collaborate with each other to build the mall. These modules collaborate with each other to build a comprehensive e-commerce platform.

8. For system management, it includes functions such as role management, menu management and user management. These functions can help you effectively organize and manage the users and permissions of the platform.

9. Order management functions include order management and after-sale processing. Merchants can conveniently manage orders and deal with after-sales issues through the system to provide a better user experience.

10. For member management, the system provides functions such as member management, member labeling, member rights and member levels. These functions can help merchants understand members' needs and provide personalized services and offers.

11. For platform activities, the system supports spike activities, limited-time discounts and auctions, etc. These activities can attract more users. These activities can attract more users to participate and increase sales.

12. For commodity management, the system provides functions such as commodity management, commodity category and commodity label management. Merchants can conveniently manage commodity information and display commodity characteristics through the system.

13. For merchant management, the system provides functions such as store list, entry application and merchant list. These functions help platform administrators to audit and manage merchants.

14. For financial management, the system provides functions such as cash withdrawal application, financial overview, margin and user cash withdrawal application. Merchants can conveniently manage financial affairs through the system to ensure the safety of funds.

To summarize, the commodity is a powerful e-commerce platform system that provides rich functionality and flexible management tools for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. Whether it is self-operated or multi-merchant mode, the system can meet your needs and help you realize the efficient operation of your e-commerce business.

TikTok Shop (also known as TikTok Ecommerce) is an innovative e-commerce platform that brings together merchants, celebrities and buyers. TikTok Shop provides merchants and brands with a one-stop e-commerce solution to help realize sales and growth on TikTok. This innovative shopping feature will enable brands, merchants and creators to showcase and sell goods directly through short videos, live streaming and merchandising. From engaging users to final purchase and shipment, TikTok Shop provides a seamless online shopping experience with a short path to purchase and helps merchants take off with their business, inspire creativity and maximize the power of their brand. TikTok Shop is now live in the UK, US, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and other markets.

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图片[1],2024年TikTok Shop多语言php版本laravel5框架海外跨境电商商城支持多国语言插件导入一键铺货多商户入驻,济南壹软网络科技
图片[5],2024年TikTok Shop多语言php版本laravel5框架海外跨境电商商城支持多国语言插件导入一键铺货多商户入驻,济南壹软网络科技
图片[6],2024年TikTok Shop多语言php版本laravel5框架海外跨境电商商城支持多国语言插件导入一键铺货多商户入驻,济南壹软网络科技
图片[7],2024年TikTok Shop多语言php版本laravel5框架海外跨境电商商城支持多国语言插件导入一键铺货多商户入驻,济南壹软网络科技
图片[8],2024年TikTok Shop多语言php版本laravel5框架海外跨境电商商城支持多国语言插件导入一键铺货多商户入驻,济南壹软网络科技
图片[9],2024年TikTok Shop多语言php版本laravel5框架海外跨境电商商城支持多国语言插件导入一键铺货多商户入驻,济南壹软网络科技
图片[10],2024年TikTok Shop多语言php版本laravel5框架海外跨境电商商城支持多国语言插件导入一键铺货多商户入驻,济南壹软网络科技
图片[11],2024年TikTok Shop多语言php版本laravel5框架海外跨境电商商城支持多国语言插件导入一键铺货多商户入驻,济南壹软网络科技
图片[12],2024年TikTok Shop多语言php版本laravel5框架海外跨境电商商城支持多国语言插件导入一键铺货多商户入驻,济南壹软网络科技
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