One soft errand 6.0 city errand small program source code courier pickup help buy help send the same city service source code app + small program + H5 + public number

One Soft errand 6.0 city errand small program source code courier pickup help buy help send the same city service source code app + small program + H5 + public | Jinan One Soft network technology
One soft errand 6.0 city errand small program source code courier pickup help buy help send the same city service source code app + small program + H5 + public number
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This system is developed by Jinan OneSoft Network Technology Co., Ltd, OneSoft Technology has a multi-merchant, single merchant, Taobao, distribution rebate, task bounty, running errands, e-commerce, various types of rebate program and other types of ready-made source code for various industries, all with copyright, look forward to your consultation! We only do JAVA, only do cost-effective JAVA multi-terminal system, to ensure that we sell the system to ensure stable operation! Professional technical team to provide you with professional technical services! Undertake secondary custom development! Our source code is not encrypted! Support secondary development! The company's commitment to all source code are open source! Guarantee guarantee system stability!

1. New User Profile Modification Avatar Nickname Occupation Age

2. Support the development of agent function Backstage set up agent to promote riders and users can get commission (commission of platform commission) can be set up for each agent commission commission commission if the agent has an agent's entrance to withdraw cash can see the details of the income.

3. New invoice management Consumption orders can be invoiced, can only open the amount of orders that have not been opened, submitted to the background, the management background to develop an invoice management, the need for invoicing, submitted to the background of the financial institutions to unify invoicing

4.New wallet function support recharge consumption recharge gift coupon recharge can not withdraw cash New release order can wallet payment

5, management background new promotion center management, just set the commission, support the configuration of the recharge module

6、Support invoice management, support for invoice export

7、Support agent revenue inquiry

8、New agent revenue ranking

Version 3.0 will be released for sale on September 16, 2022, with many minor updates before that. 

City errand code brother new errand system 3.0 requirements

2、New platform transfer order Management can manually transfer order1

3、Optimize the management terminal to complete the rider scheduling Rider map 1

5, optimize the user side rider map contact rider is now contact customer service need to deal with a problem 1

6、Optimize the user side, the rider map location icon is too big, show a little smaller.

7、New rider to complete the task when (need to automatically locate the current position to upload server) 

8、Optimize the management background Optimize the rider scheduling module Fig.

9、New Invite friends to send coupons must be used to get coupons 1

10. add admin Modify Delete Real Name Modify Cell Phone Number 1

11. New rider order filtering export 1

12. Optimize the management side to add premium dynamic settings1 New item dynamic management

13.Optimize the management background Rider order 1 focus does not show the insured amount Need to show the full Show the actual payment of the errand fee Rider errand fee Column clear errand fee records Need to show the rider to confirm receipt of the goods position to show the rider 

14. The task center of the preference management terminal does not show the insured amount whether the price is insured or not Show the actual payment of the errand fee Rider's errand fee List the clear record of the errand fee 1 Key Points

15.Optimize the task center of the management terminal Rider orders Item information is not displayed 1 Key Points

16. Adapting to handle WeChat payment upgrade that causes the same order to be unsupported on the client's side User canceled the payment and the order does not take effect when the payment is re-paid 1 Key Points

18. Added Management side System configuration All images are configured using the image upload method

19. There is a new menu called Comment Management, which displays the comments of all riders, and shows all users' rewards for rating offline riders.

20、Modify Real-name authentication modification called Rider authentication Show ID information Support deletion of real-name system and modification After deletion, the rider needs to re-authenticate his real name, otherwise he can't take orders.

21, the new system configuration shows the image upload configuration and system protocol configuration, the user side of the real-name authentication inside the agreement is a separate one is not the user agreement

22、Solve the problem of deleting the real-name authentication did not pass the need to show the reason for the rejection and then my page did not pass the right side of the display of the red font

23, to solve the deletion of the real name system home page to take orders must be detected if there is also a real name system automatically offline, and then click on the start to take orders 

24.Add user side Invite friends page Modify it to be similar to the poster Show how many people have been invited 

25. Red Packet merged into Red Packet Management

26、Upgrade the rider to take orders message push Rider to take orders successful notification Rider to take orders completed User orders completed User orders to take orders User orders to transfer orders User orders canceled all to notify

27. New riders can transfer orders under special circumstances after receiving an order (the recipient of the transferred order must be a certified rider and have paid the deposit).

28、New rider canceled to the user order message push 

29、Small program message push All switch to weixin configuration

30. User-side Go to comment Change to go to evaluation User comment Change to user evaluation 

31、User to place an order to be taken to cancel the order need to remind the order has been taken to order

32、Upgrade APP side message push

33、New rider side new order voice reminder

Home support switch map mode, new multi-type errand, new real-time rider location, adapt APP, adapt public number, optimize the product features, management side of the new various types of statistical data, etc., before and after the update of the 10 small version, rider side of the help center, rider module, margin and other series of functionality upgraded and optimized, WeChat search 【the code brother of the new errand 】experience, the management of the end of the errand end of the experience of contacting customer service, the source code delivery! Support two open

II. Experience Address

management back office

 admin password 8

Public h5 client

Public h5 errand end

Open source delivery, support for two open can be customized

III. Technology stack

Backend Services springboot+mybatisplus+mysql

Client-side uniapp (vue syntax)

Management backend vue+elementUi

IV. Description of services

Sales prices are provided with technical documentation, data preparation documentation, deployment documentation. Business consulting is free! The store guarantees to guarantee the availability of the source code!

Build + technical service fee 2000$ a year All our products are the same!

Including free system upgrades, secondary development to provide technical solutions and so on.

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