OneSoft Taobao multi merchant system APP source code task aggregation coupon multi merchant source code

OneSoft Taobao multi-commercial system APP source code task aggregation coupon multi-commercial source code, Jinan OneSoft network technology
OneSoft Taobao multi merchant system APP source code task aggregation coupon multi merchant source code
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This product is Jinan OneSoft Network Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of Taobao products! Currently all channel sales have exceeded more than 700, to undertake secondary custom development, the current system has been running stably for more than two years! The current online operation of hundreds of customers! All can experience! Our source code is not encrypted! Support secondary development! The company promises that all source code are open source! Guarantee to protect the stability of the system! Currently have finished self-developed more than 40 projects, involving a single merchant, multi-merchant, all kinds of rebate program, task bounty, play, housekeeping, sister-in-law, reservation service, king of the meal, campus errands, community errands, part-time jobs, with the city of the takeaway, takeaway coupons, polymerization of the coupon, takeaway ordering, takeaway multi-merchant, campus takeaway, with the city of the errand, a good bad evaluation, blind box dating, etc., the source of the delivery of the code to support the second open , specific introduction! Mutual station can view the list of products, buying experience please contact customer service!

Company Profile :Jinan OneSoft Network Technology Co.


I. Introduction to system functions

1、Home system tasks, advertising space, Taobao password recognition, WeChat login, Taobao login, Taobao rebate, Pinduoduo rebate, Jingdong rebate, hungry, Meituan takeout, hot list, bargain, Tmall supermarket, mother and baby selection, 9.9 free shipping, free single center, great value big brand, newcomer strategy explosive all right, the daily new, 6.9 free shipping, 9.9 free shipping, selective free shipping, 3.9 free shipping, the popular jittery goods, Commodity Recommendation, Commodity Details, Commodity Poster , APP Detection and Upgrade, Configuration Dynamization, Sharing Poster, Member Authorization, Get Clipboard, Featured Products, Check-In, Points Redemption, Free Order, System Tasks, Task Details, Order Taking, My Tasks, My Red Envelope, Red Envelope List, Taobao Catchphrase Parsing, Popular Searches, Search History, Searching, Public Numbers, Keyword Replies, Task Wall (optional), Meituan Takeaway, Hungry Mall takeaway, categorized product classification, classification details, multi-platform price comparison, poster generation.

2、Local life (optional) jitterbug goods rebate, vipshop rebate (optional)

3、Self-owned mall (optional) multi-merchant, points mall

Mall home page, mall recommendation, mall classification, product list, product details, my order, my rebate, team rebate, my team, address management, order details, payment page, refund, confirmation of receipt, reminder of delivery, logistics information, order details, etc.

4、Super value selected selected single products, good goods special field

5、My withdrawals, points details, message center, feedback, help center, guidance center, team orders, team members, withdrawal details, members, order details, browsing history, my favorites, promotion center, promotion orders, free orders center, account security, settings, withdrawal settings, change the tied cell phone number, change the password, inviting members, promotional posters, my privileges, member upgrades, wallet details, the public number Robot Coupon Check, Newbie Free Order, Message Notification

Taobao + Meituan takeout + hungry takeout + DuoMai CPS + Jingdong + Pinduoduo + multi-merchant + self-employed mall + points mall + task wall version + local life + jitterbug rebate + Vipshop rebate + entertainment recharge 10888 Give 2888 Taojingjing spell microsoft starving meituan rebate small program

user terminal

back office

Account number sqx 

Password. 10 1s.

merchant side

VIII. Description of services

Sales prices are provided with technical documentation, data preparation documentation, deployment documentation. Business consulting is free! The store guarantees to guarantee the availability of the source code!

The technical service fee is $2,000 a year all our products are the same!

Including free system upgrades, secondary development to provide technical solutions and so on.

Stable operation for 36 months, more than 700 sales in the whole network, support for public number + APP + H5, source code delivery support for the two openings

Taobao+Jingdong+Pinduoduo+Meituan+Hungry Mai rebate mini-programs for orders placed in versions above 6888.

Please look at the demo version before ordering Delivery source code without any backdoor Service customers hundreds of mutual station guaranteed transactions

viii. technical notes

Integration of Taobao + Meituan takeout + hungry takeout + Duomai CPS + Jingdong + Pinduoduo + Vipshop

java backend technology springboot+jpa+mysql 

Client-side uniapp (vue)

Admin vue +elementUI

IX. Description of authorized services

I. Authorized source code included:

uni-app user side (adapted public number + h5 + android + ios APP), vue management platform, java backend service

II. From the date of authorization, the licensee may use the product source code of the purchased licensed software.

Third, the licensee guarantees that the software does not contain any viruses, no obvious errors, in line with the software requirements of the system can be used normally, the source code of open-source delivery, support for the second open.

IV. The authorized party guarantees to provide the necessary technical support and after-sales service to legitimate users

V. The authorized software is limited to the use of the authorized party, such as transfer or resale, the authorized party will not provide technical support and after-sales service and legal responsibility.

VI. The licensee is prohibited from distributing or selling the source code of the Software in open source communities such as the Internet.

VII. The Licensee is prohibited from using the Licensed Software for illegal purposes.

Eight, the authorized party to pay the authorization fee for the authorized party to build all the third-party costs involved are borne by the authorized party , the source code open source delivery support for the second open , the delivery of the source code without domain name and ip restrictions.

IX. The authorized party has nothing to do with the authorized party if the authorized party uses the authorized software to engage in illegal and criminal activities.

X. Lifetime commercial authorization. Authorized units to ensure that the source code without any encryption to support secondary development, payment is completed, the authorization takes effect and agree to all terms of service.

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