OneSoft online cloud pub single reservation system source code small program source code

OneSoft online cloud pub single reservation system source code small program source code | Jinan OneSoft Network Technology
OneSoft online cloud pub single reservation system source code small program source code
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This product is Jinan One Soft Network Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of self-owned mall products! Undertake secondary custom development! Our source code is not encrypted! Support secondary development! The company promises that all source code are open source! Guaranteed to protect the stability of the system! Currently have finished self-developed more than 40 projects, involving single merchant, multi-merchant, all kinds of rebate program, task reward, play, housekeeping, sister-in-law, reservation service, king of the meal, campus errand boy, community, part-time, takeout, takeout coupons, aggregated coupons, good and bad reviews, blind box dating, etc., the source code delivered to support the second open! 

Company Profile :Jinan OneSoft Network Technology Co. 

I. What is the Online Cloud Tavern?

These years by the impact of the epidemic, every now and then will be temporary control does not allow dine-in, as long as there is an epidemic, entertainment venues must first close, offline entity bar investment, slow returns, now make money are very difficult, so do a thing what is a light asset entrepreneurship, to help more ordinary people to do the side business, investment is small regardless of the impact of the success of the failure of the small, but if you invest in the physical store That is a large amount of money, so what?

Give me an example?

Now everyone brush video should be able to see , hot pot to the home to send a pot, barbecue to the home to send a grill, grilled fish to the home to send a grill pot, online tavern? Drinks to the home is not only the drink, is the drinking ceremony is the drinking atmosphere sense of cloud tavern can be satisfied for you.

Ordinary sell liquor every time is to buy a box of what other corkscrew, ice to eat anything to buy separately too much trouble, the price is also expensive

This cloud tavern for parties, birthdays, reunions, camping, festivals to prepare a set of online cloud tavern solutions, asset-light entrepreneurship is suitable for ordinary people to do a sideline investment in a small payback fast, the user orders online drink packages or Netflix kegs, lower than the market price, because there is no brick and mortar rent costs, so reduce the cost of alcohol, but also for the customer to give away snacks, cups, cards, dice, gifts, ice, etc. Drinking to cheer up the, to provide One-stop delivery service and major errand platform cooperation. Provide customers with cost-effective drink packages, platforms to make profits to make customers happy to drink to happy.

Cloud Tavern is for parties, birthdays, reunions, camping and festivals to prepare a set of online cloud tavern solutions, users order online drink packages or net red barrels for customers to give snacks, glasses, cards, dice, gifts, ice and other drinking and cheering!

II. What are the functions?

Basically, it's a partner function to develop colleges and universities, campgrounds, party houses, hotel agents, and to help expand customers.

Coupon function, coupon for newcomers, etc.

Membership Functions Enjoy year-round discounts when you open Membership Exclusive Gift Boxes, etc.

Points mall function

Commodity management Commodity order Address management Commodity classification Shopping cart, etc.

It's a basic mall type of thing, but it's a same-city takeout type of thing.

The system is developed using the JAVA technology stack.

Use uniapp technology stack Support micro-channel small program, docking printer, multi-site, partner mode

Client use: uniapp

Admin side use: vue+elementui

Background services using: springboot + jpa

Ways of experiencing:

WeChat small program search: Nine Cloud Tavern [Customer Case

Single merchant management platform experience address:

Account password contact customer service

Service Description: The price of the mutual station is the price of the source code! Source code prices are provided Deployment documents, data preparation documents, technical description documents 

(Optional) service fee: (provide one year source code upgrade service, system deployment service, small program uploading service, secondary development to provide technical solutions service, assisting information service) one year 2000 

v. statement of authority

I. Authorized source code included:

uni-app user side (micro letter small program), vue management platform, java backend service

II. From the date of authorization, the licensee may use the product source code of the purchased licensed software.

Third, the licensee guarantees that the software does not contain any viruses, no obvious errors, in line with the software requirements of the system can be used normally, the source code of open-source delivery, support for the second open.

IV. The authorized party guarantees to provide the necessary technical support and after-sales service to legitimate users

V. The authorized software is limited to the use of the authorized party, such as transfer or resale, the authorized party will not provide technical support and after-sales service and legal responsibility.

VI. The licensee is prohibited from distributing or selling the source code of the Software in open source communities such as the Internet.

VII. The Licensee is prohibited from using the Licensed Software for illegal purposes.

Eight, the authorized party for the authorized party to pay the total cost of 8888 yuan source code version of the authorization fee, build all the third-party costs involved in all borne by the authorized party, the source code open source delivery support for the second open, delivery of the source code without domain name and ip restrictions.

IX. The authorized party has nothing to do with the authorized party if the authorized party uses the authorized software to engage in illegal and criminal activities.

X. Lifetime commercial authorization. Authorized units to ensure that the source code without any encryption to support secondary development, payment is completed, the authorization takes effect and agree to all terms of service.

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