One Soft Jitterbug Rebate Jitterbug Alliance Jitterbug Small Program APP Source Code [First]

OneSoft Jitterbug Rebate Jitterbug Alliance Jitterbug small program APP source code [first] | Jinan OneSoft Network Technology
One Soft Jitterbug Rebate Jitterbug Alliance Jitterbug Small Program APP Source Code [First]
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Product Showcase

This product is Jinan One Soft Network Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of Taobao customer products under the branch products! Currently Taobao series of all channel sales have exceeded more than 800, to undertake secondary custom development, the current system has been running stably for more than 3 years! Our open source version of the source code is not encrypted! Support secondary development! The company promises that all source code are open source! Independent research and development copyright! Guaranteed to protect the stability of the system!

The v1 version will be released on Oct. 20 and will be adapted to support WeChat apps+IOS+Android+Public+H5, using the original Taobao system architecture, which is stable, reliable and professional.

Shake Shack e-commerce profit model Shake Shack e-commerce is the interface made by the open platform of Shake Shack, which is the kind of model of Taoist rebate

Normal to become a jitterbug Darren is a 1000 fan threshold and need to pay a deposit, you can do video with goods, live with goods, hanging to the window users to buy, Darren will get a commission, but can only do jitterbug ecology, do video live window, now jitterbug open to the outside of the selected alliance merchant API, support for external access, you can do WeChat ecology, APP ecology, you can do for the platform to promote all the Jitterbug e-commerce goods.

Jitterbug's Darren promotion commission platform access, for example: 100 yuan of goods, Darren commission 30, the platform as Darren, you can let more users into the use, for example, you can give the user rebate 20, the platform left 10 yuan commission, so that more users use to help you promote. For the user to save money on shopping, for you to make money, the more users of the platform that the more revenue, the user can copy the link to the goods into the platform when the order can get cashback! To put it bluntly, the platform is as a channel for Jitterbug's distribution and promotion!

The system supports three-level distribution of self-purchase commission = total commodity commission * self-purchase commission ratio 

Direct Push Commission = Total Product Commission * Direct Push Commission Rate

Inter-promotion commission = total commission of the product * inter-promotion commission rate

Platform Revenue: Gross Commissions - Self-purchase Commissions - Direct Push Commissions - Inter-push Commissions

With different levels, you can set the number of people you want to invite to upgrade your level.

One-star member commission ratio Direct push commission Inter-push commission ratio are different You can set the rules for each level Currently there are four levels, you can set each level to invite different users to reach the standard upgrade

Encrypted version of WeChat small program 4888 Provide one time to build + one year maintenance The second year 2000 service fee

WeChat small program open source version 6888 source code delivery support for secondary development Provide a build + one year update the second year 2000 service fee

Open source version of the full set of 8888 WeChat small program + APP + public number + H5 version Provide a time to build any end + one year of maintenance + one year of updates The second year of service fee 2000

I. Functionality

1、Home Banner, King Kong Area, Message Announcement, Categorized Filtering, Live Merchandise, Jitterbug Live Room, Activity Promotion, Jitterbug Coupon Order, Merchandise Search, Merchandise Rebate, Search History '

2、List Real-time Today Monthly List Ranking

3、Earnings Statistics Withdrawal Detail Orders

4, my orders, team orders, my fans, fan details, commission details, statistics, etc., my earnings, last month's payment, this month's settlement, this month's rebate, team earnings, my assets, withdrawals, account binding, my points, today's orders, last month's estimate, contact customer service, account security, inviting friends, posters inviting, sharing friends, favorites, footprints, help center, log out of the account, Personal Information

Second, the management background demonstration

Contact WeChat: maxdlln

III. Client-side demo

App download address: invitation code fill in 666666

h5: Invitation code fill in 666666

Applet Search

IV. Technology stack

Backend Services springboot+jpa+mysql

Client-side uniapp (vue syntax)

Management backend vue+elementUi

IX. Description of authorized services

I. Authorized source code included:

uni-app user side (adapted public number + h5 + android + ios APP), vue management platform, java backend service

II. From the date of authorization, the licensee may use the product source code of the purchased licensed software.

Third, the licensee guarantees that the software does not contain any viruses, no obvious errors, in line with the software requirements of the system can be used normally, the source code of open-source delivery, support for the second open.

IV. The authorized party guarantees to provide the necessary technical support and after-sales service to legitimate users

V. The authorized software is limited to the use of the authorized party, such as transfer or resale, the authorized party will not provide technical support and after-sales service and legal responsibility.

VI. The licensee is prohibited from distributing or selling the source code of the Software in open source communities such as the Internet.

VII. The Licensee is prohibited from using the Licensed Software for illegal purposes.

Eight, the authorized party to pay the authorization fee for the authorized party to build all the third-party costs involved are borne by the authorized party, the source code open source delivery support two open, delivery of source code without domain name and ip restrictions

IX. The authorized party has nothing to do with the authorized party if the authorized party uses the authorized software to engage in illegal and criminal activities.

X. Lifetime commercial authorization. Authorized units to ensure that the source code without any encryption to support secondary development, payment is completed, the authorization takes effect and agree to all terms of service.

Picture [1]|OneSoft Jitterbug Rebate Jitterbug Alliance Jitterbug small program APP source code [first] | Jinan OneSoft Network Technology
Picture [2]|OneSoft Jitterbug Rebate Jitterbug Alliance Jitterbug small program APP source code [first] | Jinan OneSoft Network Technology
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