OneSoft resource payment system small program APP public h5 source code

OneSoft resource payment system small program APP public h5 source code, Jinan OneSoft network technology
OneSoft resource payment system small program APP public h5 source code
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14:34:29 This product is Jinan OneSoft Network Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of resources to pay products! Undertake secondary custom development! Our source code is not encrypted! Support secondary development! The company promises that all source code are open source! Guaranteed to protect the stability of the system! Currently have finished self-research more than 70 projects, involving single merchant, multi-merchant, all kinds of rebate program, task bounty, play, housekeeping, door-to-door service, etc., reservation service, king of the meal, campus errand boy, community, part-time job, takeout, takeout coupons, aggregated coupons, blind box dating, etc., the source code delivered to support the second open, specific introduction can be viewed in the list of goods, the purchase of the experience, please contact customer service!

Company Profile :Jinan OneSoft Network Technology Co. 

A pay-for-resources system is an online resource sales platform that allows individuals or businesses to upload various resources (e.g., images, audio, video, documents, etc.) that they have created for sale, as well as allowing users to purchase the resources they need on the platform. This kind of system makes it easy for resource creators to sell and monetize their resources, and it also makes it very easy for users to buy the resources they need. On the pay-for-resources system, the prices of resources are usually set by the resource creators themselves and adjusted based on their value and market demand. Users can use the search function on the platform to find the resources they need, browse their details and prices, and then purchase them using the secure payment methods provided by the platform. Generally, the administrators of the pay-for-resources system review and monitor the resources sold to ensure their quality and legitimacy. Selling resources on such platforms is also subject to certain legal and policy requirements, such as intellectual property protection and copyright protection. If you are a resource creator, then the pay-for-resources system can help you maximize the value of your resources and bring in sustained profits; if you are a user, then the pay-for-resources system can provide a convenient way of purchasing resources and give you access to more high-quality learning or creative resources. In short, the pay-for-resources system is a perfect platform for both the supply and demand of resources to realize their value and needs!

The system is developed using the JAVA technology stack.

Use uniapp technology stack support multi-end wechat small program + H5 + public number + Android + IOS

Client use: uniapp

Admin side use: vue+elementui

Background services using: springboot + mybatispuls

h5 browser access

Manage the address of the platform experience:

Account number: sqx

Password: 8 eights




Education download address:

Small program contact customer service

III. Description of services

Sales prices are provided with technical documentation, data preparation documentation, deployment documentation. Business consulting is free! The store guarantees to guarantee the availability of the source code!

Update the technical service fee of 2000 yuan a year all our products are the same!

Including free system upgrades, secondary development to provide technical solutions and so on.

[Purchase Affirmation]

1, the sale of software is only restricted to the buyer to use, such as transfer or resale, the seller will not provide technical support and after-sales service and legal responsibility. Source code all open source does not do any IP domain name restrictions! Prohibit resale!

2, prohibit the dissemination of goods in the network and other open source communities selling the software source code. Welcome to monitor and report resale, reporting a reward!

3, the buyer uses this software to engage in illegal and criminal behavior has nothing to do with the seller.

4. The use of this software system product is limited to research, study and entertainment purposes, and is prohibited for illegal operation!

5, the source code is reproducible, do not accept malicious refunds! Demo please be sure to contact customer service to get an account, experience the whole system, and then order!

Picture [1], OneSoft resource payment system small program APP public h5 source code, Jinan OneSoft network technology
Picture [2],OneSoft resource payment system small program APP public h5 source code, Jinan OneSoft network technology
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