OneSoft V8 black accompanied by playing high-end small program source code accompanied by APP source code H5 public number source code e-sports system than the heart source code

OneSoft V8 black accompanied by playing high-end small program source code accompanied by APP source code H5 public source code e-sports system than the heart source code, Jinan OneSoft network technology
OneSoft V8 black accompanied by playing high-end small program source code accompanied by APP source code H5 public number source code e-sports system than the heart source code
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Product Showcase

This product is Jinan OneSoft Network Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of the game gaming products! Undertake secondary custom development! Our source code is not encrypted! Support secondary development! The company promises that all source code are open source! Guarantee to protect the stability of the system!

Company Profile :Jinan OneSoft Network Technology Co. 

I. Introduction to the function Specific look at the mind map

Release v8 on March 28, 2023 

Priced at 10888 , open source copyright license, the first time to build a small program end, technical documentation, a year of system updates and maintenance, a year of technical support 

1、User's new UI

2、User side new release dynamic video

3、New leaderboard board

4、New platform announcement

5、New pool notifications, etc.

6. Various new statistics on the management side

7、New modification of various user information

There's two versions, a current black version and a white style version with the same features and different styles. 

Our technology uses backend services springboot+mybatisplus+mysql user side uniapp (vue syntax) management backend vue+elementUi

Adapt small program + APP + H5 + public number, a set of source code, no matter which end you need we are a set of source code, 10888 price! The whole network can be compared!

Updated December 25, 2022 v7 

Updated November 9, 2022 v6 

user terminal

1. Complaints delete button color modification Complaints picture using cropping way to display Click on the picture of the complaint can be clicked to view Delete button clicked directly after logging out of the need to deal with it ok

2. Chat page new reward function

3、New user chat adds detection of blocking and high-risk pop-up boxes.

4、New chat top hover description background configuration

3. Add all service list avatars to show the formation of playing voice

4. Modify the classification page to filter sales is not useful 

5. Service details add a comprehensive rating module 

6, new contact customer service support configuration enterprise weibo management background new switch, configuration links

8, the new security detection mechanism dynamic complaints evaluation chat module processing 

9、New APP message push

management side

1. The management terminal adds a new security center, the content of chat records, evaluation of unified management, help center, Skynet Center OK

2.Management complaints management new complaints through other functions 1 or only delete and seal the number of problems OK

3. Management background home page task statistics modified to Order statistics OK total amount How many pens pending service service completed refunded service orders about to play order statistics how many pens

Add Play Order Statistics How many orders have been posted with different status Add Reward Statistics How much has been rewarded

4.New recharge statistics WeChat Alipay Other recharge support year, month and day filtering statistics OK

5.New Leaderboards Leader's Earnings Leader's Earnings Ranking Earnings Ranking Rewards Ranking Spending Ranking Charge Ranking Wallet Ranking Order Ranking OK

6, financial center support export New offline transfer button OK

Updated August 2, 2022

1、User side New guild center Personnel management Apply for audit Withdrawal audit Kicked out of the guild Earnings ranking Earnings statistics

2、Management background add create guild guild delete guild modify guild application management

Earnings statistics Modify guild Personnel management Kick out chaperones Audit management Modify guild administrators

3, management background user center new guild service commission rate and guild gift commission rate

4、Order Center New guild commission New order export function

5、Gift record new guild and platform drawback instructions Support Export

6、User terminal new My Guild If you have not joined, you can enter the guild number to join the guild After joining, you can apply for withdrawal.

7、Message Center Module Message click to jump to the corresponding page Application and through the exit and so on.

Updated June 24, 2022

v5 version on-line new forum module Interactive module, dynamic audit. Quick Dispatch, Order Pool, Center, Keyword Filtering, Quick Dispatch, Home Page, Authentication Optimization, Support Message, Like, Post, Reward, View Home Page, User Home Page Added, Dynamic, Forum Module Audit, Docking WeChat Keyword Filtering Mechanism, Reward Gift

Updated February 7, 2022

v3 version is onlineNew forum module Interactive module, support message, like, publish, reward, view home page, user home page new, dynamic, forum module new, all and concerned about the friends of my page my dynamic support delete soft delete management background can see the user can not see the management background support operation of the shelves dynamic new coupon module management background can be given to the designated user or all the users of the coupon, the time of the order You can choose to use the coupon New distribution mechanism

Updated January 15, 2022

v2 version online new reward invite reward chat autoresponder common keywords chat logs user attention voice chat emoticon chat my team feature

Page optimization, bug fixes, focus on users Online customer service, management background to upgrade some of the core functions, management background user lists, order statistics, set up members, settings, the user side of the page to optimize the rectification of the inbound

Released September 30, 2021 About 10 minor updates before and after the release

v1 game type, my info, my requirements, find the big guns now!

Edit, I want to play the game I'm looking for, other requirements, my

Quick Match Game info, find the big guns now! 

Select God, Game Requirements (Game Type, Gender, Game)

(District) Avatar, Nickname, Number of Orders, Game Category 

Type, favorability, price, labeling

Home Games Category Navigation Games Category Page 

filtering bar

Avatar, name, tags, rating, number of orders taken, game category

Limited Time Offer Type, Online Status, Price 

Avatar, name, tags, rating. Number of Orders Taken, Game Category

List Type, Online Status, Price 

Avatar, online status, id, follow big picture (king homepage, information introduction), title, number of people served, amount

Time, can pick up regions, can pick up segments, features

User Comments Comment avatars, comment nicknames, comment content, comment images. 

Details member discount, note avatar, nickname, purchase skills (King of Glory, etc.), purchase unit price how much a game (can add or subtract the amount), open will be

Order Now

Total amount, payable immediately

colloquial (rather than literary) pronunciation of a Chinese character

Games Order News 

Search Contacts

Nickname, Status, Dialog:Chat Content, Message Time

Messages Chat Chat interface: Nickname (online status), Follow, Games 

Type, price, order now, chat dialog, send message

System Information

User avatar, nickname, id, invite QR code

Followers, Fans, Visitors, Footprints

Open Membership Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Exclusive Privileges, Open Now! 

Order time, order status (completed, canceled, in progress) avatar, nickname, game type, number of games, out-of-pocket payment

Orders. Uh, evaluations. One more. 

Order Status (Payment (Canceled Orders), Pending Orders (Pickups))

Hacking Records Refundable), In Progress (Refundable), Completed (Comments)) 

Avatar, nickname, contact ta

Order details hacking game, order time, order number, cost, total 

My Game Type, Amount, Refund Type, Refund Amount. Refund Original 

Refunds Reason, Refund Instructions, Submission 

Gold balance, recharge

Choose the amount of gold recharge

My wallet.

Payment MethodsPay Now

Help & FeedbackOnline Customer ServicePosted

II. Presentation notes

Admin backend demo:

management back office

Account admin password 88888888

Black UIH5

Small program version: small program://Wenjing Xingyue love/VYcu0XCzOhcoTKl

Test account 17615400740

Password: 123456

III. Technology stack

Backend Services springboot+mybatisplus+mysql

Client-side uniapp (vue syntax)

Management backend vue+elementUi

IV. Description of services

Sales prices are provided with technical documentation, data preparation documents, deployment documents, complimentary first-time build services. Business consulting is free! The store guarantees to guarantee the availability of source code!

Update the technical service fee of 2000 yuan a year all our products are the same!

Including free system upgrades, secondary development to provide technical solutions and so on.

v. statement of authority

I. Authorized source code included:

uni-app user side (adapted to public number + wechat small program + h5 + android + ios APP), vue management platform, java backend service

II. From the date of authorization, the licensee may use the product source code of the purchased licensed software.

Third, the licensee guarantees that the software does not contain any viruses, no obvious errors, in line with the software requirements of the system can be used normally, the source code of open-source delivery, support for the second open.

IV. The authorized party guarantees to provide the necessary technical support and after-sales service to legitimate users

V. The authorized software is limited to the use of the authorized party, such as transfer or resale, the authorized party will not provide technical support and after-sales service and legal responsibility.

VI. The licensee is prohibited from distributing or selling the source code of the Software in open source communities such as the Internet.

VII. The Licensee is prohibited from using the Licensed Software for illegal purposes.

Eight, the authorized party for the authorized party to pay the total cost of 10,888 yuan authorization fees, build all the third-party costs involved in all by the authorized party, the source code open source delivery support for the second open, the delivery of the source code without domain name and ip restrictions. Complimentary first time small program building services

IX. The authorized party has nothing to do with the authorized party if the authorized party uses the authorized software to engage in illegal and criminal activities.

X. Lifetime commercial authorization. Authorized units to ensure that the source code without any encryption to support secondary development, payment is completed, the authorization takes effect and agree to all terms of service.

Picture [1], OneSoft V8 black accompanied by playing high-end small program source code accompanied by APP source code H5 public source code e-sports system than the heart source code, Jinan OneSoft network technology
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