One soft short drama system wechat small program + H5 + wechat public number + APP source code

OneSoft short drama system WeChat small program + H5 + WeChat public number + APP source code | Jinan OneSoft network technology
One soft short drama system wechat small program + H5 + wechat public number + APP source code
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This product is Jinan OneSoft Network Technology Co., Ltd. independent research and development of short drama products! Undertake secondary custom development! Our source code is not encrypted! Support secondary development! The company promises that all source code are open source! Guarantee to protect the stability of the system!

I. Functionality 


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Our technology uses JAVA back-end services front-end and back-end separation

springboot+mybatisplus+mysql user side uniapp (vue syntax) admin backend vue+elementUi

Adaptation of small program + APP + H5 + public number, a set of source code, no matter which end you need we are a set of source code, all the third party costs involved in their own, the sales price is the source code selling price !

Second opening or direct operation is fine

I. Experience Address

Short drama system 10.0 quotation Support WeChat small program + public number + h5 + App ➕ Shake small program Channel agent function Skit Operational Documentation Source Code Architecture for Short Plays Documentation for the operation of the Sketch Channel

Default delivery

wechat small program + public number + h5 +IOS APP +Android

Package One 8888 Open Source Source Code + Documentation + Purchaser Builds and Deploys Itself

Package 2 10888 open source source code + build + documentation + one year maintenance

Shakeology applet extra ➕2000

Additional ➕3000 for channel agent side

Racer mini-program extra ➕2000

I. Experience Address

management back office

Account: admin

Password: 8 eights

Public h5 experience address




 Customer Case:WeChat Small Program

# applet://morningbird skits/KPb5ZOzoXHnWRUd

Picture [1]|OneSoftShortDramaSystemWeChatSmallProgram+H5+WeChatPublicNumber+APP Source Code|JinanOneSoftNetworkTechnology

III. Technology stack

Backend Services springboot+mybatisplus+mysql

Client-side uniapp (vue syntax)

Management backend vue+elementUi

IV. Description of services

Sales prices are provided with technical documentation, data preparation documentation, deployment documentation. Business consulting is free! The store guarantees to guarantee the availability of the source code!

Update the technical service fee of 2000 yuan a year all our products are the same!

Including free system upgrades, secondary development to provide technical solutions and so on.

[Purchase Affirmation]

1, the sale of software is only restricted to the buyer to use, such as transfer or resale, the seller will not provide technical support and after-sales service and legal responsibility. Source code all open source does not do any IP domain name restrictions! Prohibit resale!

2, prohibit the dissemination of goods in the network and other open source communities selling the software source code. Welcome to monitor and report resale, reporting a reward!

3, the buyer uses this software to engage in illegal and criminal behavior has nothing to do with the seller.

4, the software system product use is limited to research and commercial learning entertainment purposes, prohibited for illegal operation!

5, the source code is reproducible, do not accept malicious refunds! Demo please be sure to contact customer service to get an account, experience the whole system, and then order!

Picture [2]|OneSoftShortDramaSystemWeChatSmallProgram+H5+WeChatPublicNumber+APP Source Code|JinanOneSoftNetworkTechnology
Picture [3]|OneSoftShortDramaSystemWeChatSmallProgram+H5+WeChatPublicNumber+APP Source Code|JinanOneSoftNetworkTechnology
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