Total Blind Box Marketing Strategy: Enhancing Brand Influence and Sales Performance

Six Blind Box Marketing Strategies in Plain English

  1. Self-media platform advertising::
  • Choose popular platforms: Post ads on platforms like Weibo, Shake, and WeChat to put in a stream of information.
  • Precise targeting: using big data technology to ensure that ads are only shown to people who may be interested in the blind box, increasing the probability of purchase.
  1. Private Traffic Management::
  • Create a community: Establish an online community such as a WeChat group or QQ group to attract people who like blind boxes.
  • Provide content and services: Provide content and services related to blind boxes through small programs and public numbers, etc. to increase user stickiness.
  • Targeted promotion: Targeted promotion of blind box products in the community to increase purchase conversions.
  1. Blogger Co-Promotion::
  • Screening bloggers: select influential beauty bloggers as partners.
  • Designing special blind boxes: collaborating with bloggers to launch special beauty blind boxes, combining the blogger's expertise and appeal.
  • EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS: Provide fans with exclusive benefits to increase purchase incentives.
  1. Technology Product Review Collaboration::
  • Screening bloggers: Select well-known bloggers who specialize in reviewing 3C products and cell phones as partners.
  • Collaboration: work with bloggers to get them to mention the blind box in their reviews and direct their target customers to the platform.
  • Leverage Influence: leverage the influence and fan base of bloggers to increase exposure and sales of blind boxes.
  1. Video Sharing Marketing::
  • Who to work with: work with regular people to get them to make sharing videos about winning the lottery.
  • Video dissemination: allow collaborators to naturally share videos to help publicize the Blind Box.
  • Resource promotion: For accounts that perform well, invest more resources in promotion, such as using tools like Shake+ to expand their impact.
  1. Distribution cooperation model::
  • Who to work with: Work with others who have their own fan base to set up a distribution system.
  • Provide QR code: Give them the QR code of the platform for promoting the blind box.
  • Share Reward: Give them a certain share as a reward based on the number of sales they make to encourage more active promotion.

This is an easy-to-understand explanation of the above blind box marketing strategy, and I hope it helps you.

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How to Use Blogger Collaboration Bandwagons for Blind Box Promotions?

Utilizing bloggers to partner with to bring in products for blind box promotion is an effective marketing strategy, especially in today's world of increasing social media and online influence. Here are some steps and tips to help you promote your blind box products by partnering with bloggers:

  1. Choosing the right bloggers: look for bloggers who match your target market and brand image. These bloggers should have high levels of follower activity and engagement, as well as influence in content or areas related to blind boxes.
  2. Research the blogger's style and audience: learn about the blogger's content style, audience profile and preferences to ensure that they appeal to the target customer group you wish to reach.
  3. Make a cooperation plan: Discuss and make a detailed cooperation plan with the blogger, including the time, content, form, budget and target of the promotion.
  4. Create exclusive content: Bloggers are encouraged to create original content related to the Blind Box, such as unboxing videos, trial experiences, tutorials, etc., to increase user interest and engagement.
  5. Offer exclusive deals: give bloggers' followers exclusive deals or discount codes to incentivize them to buy blind boxes, and track the use of the coupon codes to measure the effectiveness of the promotion.
  6. Cross-platform promotion: In addition to promoting on the blogger's main social platforms, consider expanding the content to other platforms, such as Weibo, Jittery, B Station, etc., to broaden the reach.
  7. Track and analyze data: Use tracking links and analytics tools to monitor the effectiveness of promotions, including key metrics such as click-through rates, conversions, sales, and more.
  8. Build long-term relationships with bloggers: maintaining good relationships with bloggers and working together on a regular basis can help build brand credibility and loyalty.
  9. Compliance with industry norms: Ensure that all promotional activities comply with relevant advertising and marketing regulations to avoid misleading consumers.

By following the steps above, you can effectively utilize blogger co-op bandwagons to promote your blind box products, attract more potential customers, and increase brand awareness and sales.

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