Full-featured e-commerce platform and service system development: covering multi/single merchant e-commerce, O2O solutions and various vertical field applications

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  1. Multi-Merchant Ecommerce System & Single Merchant Ecommerce System - Offers ecommerce solutions for multiple merchants or single merchant.
  2. O2O Underwriting System - Realize the verification and underwriting process of online purchase, offline consumption or service.
  3. The Referral System - Used to manage and track items sold through referral links, and the corresponding commission distribution.
  4. Distribution Membership System - Promote product sales through a membership distribution mechanism that incentivizes users to become brand promoters.
  5. Community Group Buying System - Supports community or regional group buying activities, facilitating bulk purchasing and distribution.
  6. Points System - Reward customers for shopping behavior, incentivize repurchase and increase customer loyalty through points.
  7. Campus Runner System & Takeout Runner System - Provides instant delivery service on campus or in the city.
  8. Pay for Knowledge System - Sell specialized knowledge content such as online courses, lectures, etc.
  9. Education and Training System - Provides online education platform building, supports distance learning and teaching management.
  10. Takeaway Ordering System & City Takeaway & Campus Takeaway - Provides food takeaway services covering cities, specific campus areas.
  11. Short Video E-commerce System - Utilizes a short video platform to display and sell merchandise.
  12. Jitterbug Ecommerce Rebate - A rebate mechanism implemented on the Jitterbug platform.
  13. Accompanying System & Game Accompanying - Provides game accompaniment or matchmaking services between players.
  14. Voice Chat Dating & Instant Messaging - Supports real-time voice chat and social interaction among users.
  15. Shared Tea Room, Chess Room - Offers shared space services based on time slot reservations.
  16. Housekeeping Services, Sister-in-Law Services, In-Home Car Wash - Offers professional in-home services including housekeeping, mother and baby care, car cleaning, and more.
  17. Online Cloud Tavern & Flower Shop Reservations, etc. - A service that offers online booking and offline enjoyment of a specific product or experience.
  18. Accompanying medical appointments & home cooking, etc. - Provides personalized services such as accompanying medical appointments and home cooking.
  19. Campsite Reservations - Manage campsite reservations and services.
  20. In-Home Shoe Cleaning Appointments - Offers in-home services for professional shoe cleaning.

Additional business areas:

  • Applet, WeChat, APP Development - Customize various services and interactive features on mobile applications and social platforms.
  • Softwriters and Trademarks Qualification - Assisting in the registration and application of software copyrights and trademarks.
  • Official Website Development - Create an official website for a business or individual to showcase products or services.
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