Using HBuilderX to package web pages into APP tutorials

Today to bring you an issue of how to package the site into an APP, the use of the tool is HBuilderX.


moveFirst of all, we go to the official website of HBuilderX to download the tool, remember to choose the APP development version. According to their own system to choose the corresponding version!

② After the download, we extract the program to the corresponding disk you want to decompress it, and then enter the folder to open the application

③ then we go to register an account and authentication, for the next step to get ready, my side is already applying for good

④We create a project, remember to select the project as 5+App, template selection for Hello H5+

⑤ Open the project and configure the corresponding content information.

⑥After the above configuration, we will start to publish it as an app!

Tutorial here on the end of it, interested can look at the study, need more related tutorials can be proposed to the official Oh!

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