[Tutorial] Anonymous letter template message push, public number template message configuration tutorial

Must be their own authenticated service number, with a third-party authorization to log in this function can not be used

Must be V2.4 or above to work, otherwise there will be bugs

Since v2.4, this tutorial has been adapted to work with both category templates and history templates.

[Do not enable SSL and forced SSL, or this function will not work].

I. Log in to the WeChat public platform, click [New Features], add [Message Template].


Second, submit an application, industry randomly selected! Reasons to apply for their own look to write, and then wait for review and approval, usually within an hour or two!

QQ image 20230920110657.png

Third, after the message template is reviewed and approved, click [Advertising & Services->Message Templates] in the template library to add a template;

Note: Choose any one here and click on details, choose whatever you like!

QQ image 20230920111018.png

Fourth, after adding, click my template, fill in the template ID to the website background;


Fifth, you must configure the IP whitelist, fill in the IP of your server;


Note: Users must follow the public number in order to send template messages

Note: The website must be logged in using WeChat in order to send template messages

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