Popular short drama genuine source short drama + short drama domestic overseas open source source docking license short drama manufacturer support open API interface one key automatic update tutorials

Popular short drama genuine source short drama + short drama domestic and overseas open source source docking authorization short drama manufacturers to support the open API interface a key to automatically update the tutorial,Jinan OneSoft Network Technology
Popular short drama genuine source short drama + short drama domestic overseas open source source docking license short drama manufacturer support open API interface one key automatic update tutorials
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Introduction of Short Drama Copyright Resource Sales Service

Overview of services

We are a company with rich resources of short dramas, and have established cooperative relationships with several short drama production and distribution manufacturers, and are able to provide all kinds of popular short dramas with legitimate copyrights. We are committed to providing high-quality short drama copyright purchase services for content platforms, TV stations, film and TV companies and other clients, and helping them legally acquire audience's favorite short drama works.

Our Advantages

  1. genuine authorization: We guarantee that the content of the skits we provide is licensed, ensuring that our customers have no legal worries.
  2. resource-rich: Our inventory covers a wide range of styles and subjects of sketches to meet the diversified needs of different customers.
  3. premium content: We carefully select high-quality sketches, created by a team of experienced producers, to ensure that the content is enjoyable and audience-appealing.
  4. Customized services: Depending on the client's needs, we can provide customized content recommendations and package combinations to achieve the best cost-benefit ratio.
  5. After-sales support: We provide comprehensive after-sales services, including copyright usage consulting, market analysis reports, etc., to assist our clients in maximizing their return on investment.

Cooperation Process

  1. Enquiry communication: Customers contact our sales team through official channels for information about the rights to short plays.
  2. demand analysis: Based on the client's business needs and budget, we provide initial short play recommendations and quotes.
  3. Copyright Review:: After both parties have confirmed their intentions, a copyright review is carried out to ensure that the selected skit meets the licensing conditions.
  4. Agreements signed:: Signing of a copyright purchase agreement by consensus between the two parties, with clear rights and obligations.
  5. Payment transactions: The customer completes the payment according to the terms of the agreement and we provide the copyright license certificate and other related documents.
  6. Copyright Usage: The customer uses the content of the skit within the scope of the license for broadcasting or secondary creation, etc.
  7. Follow-up services: We provide ongoing follow-up services, including market feedback collection and copyright maintenance.

By choosing us as your sketchbook rights partner, you will have access to legal, high-quality content resources, and we will fully support your development and success in the sketchbook market. Welcome to contact us anytime to start a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation journey.

General interface documentation for other skit programs:The access method requires only an API address, no other request parameters or values.

1. Authorized IP and domain name are required.
2. The player is required to support m3u8+mp4 at the same time or support m3u8+mp4 playback plugin.
3. The size of the player or playback plug-ins requires the original picture, or according to the minimum size of 406 * 720 as the basis for the gradual increase in proportion.
4. The player or play plug-in requires vertical screen, not horizontal screen.
5. The development of the need to choose the right player playback speed will be very fast, some players play very slowly, such as the player volume, playback codecs and so on.

Information sheet for 29 short plays: non-exclusive, national, 1 year, 850 a piece

Part 29 new.xlsx
xlsx file

127 dramas new:non-exclusive, national, 1 year, 700 one

Part 127.xlsx
xlsx file

[Total 15] Short Drama Pilot Movie List (1): This new point of the second round of 4000 a

[Total 15] Short Drama Audition List(1).xlsx
xlsx file

Domestic Short Drama System 10.0+Overseas short drama source code full open source front-end uniapp back-end php

Short drama system 10.0 quotation Support WeChat small program + public number + h5 + App ➕ Shake small program Channel agent function

https://shimo.im/docs/zdkydRLbGDs0Kzq6/ Short Drama Operation Documentation
https://shimo.im/docs/8Nk6eBapJyfdwLqL/ Source Code Architecture
https://shimo.im/docs/25q5XdGRDeFWge3D/ "short drama channel operation documents".

Default Delivery
WeChat small program + public number + h5 + IOS APP + Android

Package 1 8888 open source source code + documentation + buyer's own construction and deployment
Package 2 10888 open source source code + build + documentation + one year maintenance

Jitterbug app ➕2000
➕3000 extra for channel agent
Racer applets additional 2000 ➕

I. Experience Address
Management background
Account: admin
Password: 8 eights

Public h5 experience address
h5: http://duanju.68api.cn/
 Customer Case:WeChat small program
# small program://morning bird skit/KPb5ZOzoXHnWRUd

Second, the technology stack
Backend service springboot+mybatisplus+mysql
User side uniapp (vue syntax)
Management backend vue+elementUi

Third, the service description
Provide technical documents, data preparation documents, deployment documents. Business consulting is free! The store guarantees to protect the availability of source code!
Technical service fee of 2,000 yuan a year all the store products are the same! Including free system upgrades, secondary development to provide technical solutions.
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