2024 new version of Yun Xiaofu imitation APP double-end + h5 customized mall points exchange official WeChat payment,Yun Xiaofu imitation APP double-end customized finished products new cloud purchase mode coupon small coupon / small coupon shopping mall mode points exchange sweepstakes

Yun Xiaofu imitation APP double-end customized finished products front end uniapp back end php front end back end separation
New cloud purchase model, points exchange lottery
Recruitment of agents to cooperate, the new project new wind mouth
Shopping gift equivalent points, points can come to the points mall lottery
A points to get a number, full of set number of people, according to the algorithm to draw the winning number, the surprise is unlimited.
Yun Xiaofu Mall APP
H5 demo: https://yun.50api.cn/h5
Backstage demo: private chat
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